Best Old School Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck in Orlando


There is a minimum service fee of $50 for Orlando and the surrounding areas. 

****For areas of Central Florida that require more than 1 hour travel time from the University of Central Florida, please contact for service fee pricing.

(Reason for the service fee:  It covers my fuel, travel time and expressway tolls, just like the A/C repair man that charges a service fee just to come out and look at your home air conditioner)

During your event, I will keep a tab of the items I serve from the truck.  I use the prices listed on the truck.  You can view the menu with prices by selecting the Menu Tab above.  You may eliminate any items from the menu... for example if you wish to provide only the $3 small soft serve cones and the packaged novelty items to your guest, then the Shakes and Sundaes can be eliminated from their choices.  

At the end of your event, I will tally the service fee along with the items served.  You can pay with CASH or CREDIT CARD.

All item prices and service fees include local, and state sales tax.

I DO NOT collect a deposit!  I'm old fashion.  I believe in doing business with a hand shake.  

If you wish to book your event, please click on the Contact form.  

It is very important that you include the DATE, TIME and ADDRESS of the event.


*  If you are having your event at a Park, you must get permission from the park management.  I am fully licensed and insured so if the park management needs anything from me, I can provide it to them.

*  I prefer to make a GRAND ENTRANCE!  Have the kids at the street ready for my arrival.  It's so much more fun and exciting when the kids see the truck coming down the road with the music playing.  If you wish, I can call or text you as I am approaching.  However, I am rarely late to an event.  

*  I will play the birthday music as I get closer; when I arrive, I park, I serve, I get paid and then I am off to my next event or neighborhoods in your area.  

*  Be sure to schedule my arrival AFTER everyone has eaten lunch/dinner.  Most of the time, I can be flexible on the arrival time the day of if you notify me by text. 

*  Tipping is appreciated, however, never expected due to the minimum $50 service fee that has already been charged.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my products and services!  Please let me know if you have any special request.

10 guest served  $50 + 10@ $3.00 =  $80.00

20 guest served  $50 + 20@ $3.00 =  $110.00

30 guest served  $50 + 30@ $3.00 =  $140.00

50 guest served  $50 + 50@ $3.00 =  $200.00

Hum, the pricing seems reasonable.... a clown at the party is going to cost around the same if not more!