Treat your employees or business partners to a free ice cream!!! 

​Best Old School Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck in Orlando

About the name... in March of 2017 I changed the name of my truck/business from Jrs Ice Cream Truck to Free Bee Ice Cream LLC.  I love serving ice cream to employees, business clients or the general public on someones behalf.  People get so excited when someone treats them to a free ice cream.  Therefore, I dreamed up a new name for my truck.  My truck is setting a new trend. 

*  Would your business benefit from offering free ice        cream to your customers or employees?

*  Maintain and enhance your employees self esteem by showing them how much you appreciate their daily efforts. 

*  Want to increase your sales traffic into your location?  Offer free ice cream as bait to bring customers into your business.

About the owner...

Hello!  My Name is Jerry,

Growing up in the neighborhood of Dover Estates in the Conway area of Orlando, I can remember chasing down the ice cream truck with my friends.  As soon as we heard the music I would go raid my father's change that he kept in a large ceramic jug.  40 years later here I am driving an ice cream truck. 

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I have always wanted to own my own business.  In April of 2013, I bought my truck on e-bay with all the savings I had in the bank.

Fortunately, I purchased a truck with soft serve cones, sundaes and shakes that all the adults (big kids) love.  It is not unusual to hear adults say, "you are taking me back to my childhood"!  Some have even chased me down on the highway asking me to pull over because they want "Soft Serve".  People from the North East grew up buying ice cream from Mr. Softie.   Here in Florida you rarely see a soft serve truck.  Soft Serve is by far my best seller and I only use the best fresh mix that comes straight from Sunny Florida Dairy.

The best part of my job is meeting new people and watching children and adults alike do their ice cream dance (jumping up and down waving their arms) as I come down the street.

I am finally living the American dream of free enterprise and

I am blessed to have a supportive wife (Akeley) and a son (Ajay) who thinks his dad is the coolest.

​​The Best Old School Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck in Orlando